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Universidad de Chile assumes the bad moment, but condemns the violence: "We trust that sportingly our team will succeed"

Christian Fajardo


After the demonstrations by fans at the Azul Sports Center, the concessionaire’s leadership published a press release, announcing that they understand the annoyance due to the poor performance, but that they hope to reverse the situation. Beyond that, they also condemned the violence and acts against club officials.

The U adds three dates with defeats in the National Championship.
© Agency OneThe U adds three dates with defeats in the National Championship.

the dealership Blue blue delivered through a statement on his digital platforms his opinion of the bad moment he is experiencing University of Chile in the National Championshipwhich meant the annoyance and protest of a large group of his fansalthough giving a clear signal in condemning all kinds of violence in these acts.

“We cannot hide that these are difficult days for our Club. We respect and understand the annoyance of the fans, because both directors, coaching staff and players have the same feeling of concern and desire to turn the sporting scenario we are going through. We believe that we have the tools to achieve it, to have a calmer end of the season”, they began expressing.

“We respect and understand the claim of our followers. They have reasons to express it publicly. What we cannot endorse, however, is the use of violence and attacks on the facilities and officials who work day by day at the CDA, many of whom have dedicated a good part of their lives to the institution,” they specified.

In that sense, they made it clear that they do not agree with situations that officials linked to the club have had to experience, that they do not deserve to go through this type of situation, also concerned about the residents of La Cisterna, where the Sports Center is located. Blue.

“We are talking about men and women who have been together for 30 years or more suffering defeats and celebrating triumphs, but always giving their all for the good of the U, in the administration offices, in the civil servants’ casino or in the prop warehouses, To give some examples. Collaborators with a high commitment and love for our colors, who against their will today could not carry out their work normally. Neither they nor anyone who works at the CDA deserve any kind of reproach. For them and also for our neighbors of La Cisterna, who have nothing to do with the Club, but who were also victims of a sad day, as Club Universidad de Chile we roundly condemn the actions committed by a group of violent people against our sports complex “, they stand out.

For the same reason, through the letter, they assume that the entry of fans into the CDA was prevented and that they have a commitment to carry out the task together with their professional staff.

“We are confident that our first men’s team will come out ahead in sports. There is a tournament to play and time to get up. We know and appreciate that the true fan of the U, beyond the annoyance and pain of the campaign, will continue to believe in and support the campus on the field”, they conclude.

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