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University of Chile

According to the information obtained by the site BolaVip Chile, the sports manager of the U, Manuel Mayo, has already decided that they will at least match a possible proposal from the Catholic for Eugenio Mena to dress in blue again. In addition to the America Cups with the Red, Chueco has in its palmerés the three-time championship and the Chuncho Sudamericana version Jorge Sampaoli.

The U does go for Mena: it doesn't want another blue like the Huaso Isla to escape the Catholic.
© ONE AgencyThe U does go for Mena: it doesn’t want another blue like the Huaso Isla to escape the Catholic.

In the midst of the stormy present of Universidad de Chile, the blues project themselves as best they can for the next season and one of the blue focuses is to prevent a player identified with Chuncho from ending up signing at the Católica, as happened with Mauricio Isla in the recent market national football winter.

A few days ago the information alerted the U about the interest at cruising speed of the UC for Eugenio Mena, the national left back who currently defends the Racing Club jersey and who has been considered again in the Chilean team.

Mena ends her contract with La Academia in December and, according to information from BallVip.clUniversidad de Chile will do everything to achieve the return of Chueco.

“Manuel Mayo, sports manager of the blues, has decided to go for Mena and has already started direct talks with the champion of the Copa Sudamericana so that he can wear the blue shirt again from January 2023,” the site maintains.

BolaVip adds that in the CDA “they are hopeful that if there are two equal offers to the player, the one trained in Santiago Wanderers will lean towards Universidad de Chile for a sentimental issue.”

In this way, in the U they do not want to repeat what happened with Mauricio Isla, who expressed on countless occasions his desire to play with the blue shirt as a recognized Chuncho fan. However, it was UC, his youth club, that made Huaso feel at home by showing him real interest.

Eugenio Mena arrived at Universidad de Chile in 2010 from Santiago Wanderers, staying with the blues until 2013. Along with Sampaoli, the Viñamarino won the three-time championship and the Copa Sudamericana, as well as a Copa Chile 2012-13 with Chuncho.

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