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Until I find you | What is the plot of the new Mega TV series?

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TV series

The new Mega production starring Luz Valdivieso has just hit the screen with its first chapter.

Until I find you
© MegaUntil I find you

Until I find you is the new teleseries that takes the schedule of hidden truths, production that will leave the screen after five years on the air and more than a thousand episodes aired.

The new fiction portrays the terrible story of a woman who continues to deal with the consequences of the loss of her daughter, without knowing that her family hides a great secret that will change her life forever.

The protagonists of the TV series are Luz Valdivieso, Daniel Alcaino and Cesar Sepulveda, who play Catalina, Lautaro and Cristóbal, the three will fight to find the truth and not let the new revelations destroy everything they have built.

What is the plot of Until I Find You?

The story portrays the life of Catalina Cienfuegos (Valdivieso) a young woman who 20 years ago, when she was just a teenager, gave birth to a girl named Emilia. Unfortunately, the minor died during childbirth.

After this, your partner Lautaro Cáceres (Daniel Alcaino) begins to move away from her, culminating in the separation of both after the tragic event.

Over the years Catalina manages to form a family with Cristóbal Gaete (Cesar Sepúlveda), a well-known surgeon with whom he has two daughters. However, he can never forget what happened to his firstborn, whom he was unable to see grow up.

Everything changes when Catalina finds out that Emilia did not actually die in childbirth, so Together with her ex-partner, she will begin an intense search to find her daughter and discover what really happened 20 years ago.

Check out the first chapter below.

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