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It happened in the match between Chacaritas and Santo Domingo for the Cup of Ecuador. The referee did not expel him for the aggression, despite the violence of the kick.

The inexplicable kick of coach Juan Ávila
© CaptureThe inexplicable kick of coach Juan Ávila

This Monday the Chacaritas tied 1-1 against Santo Domingo at the Pelileo Stadium for the first phase of the Ecuador Cup.

George Louis Cuesta opened the scoring for the local team with a header at the start of the second half, while equality was achieved by the newcomer Kevin Quintero at 70 minutes.

But the truth is that the goals went into the background after a particular incident between the coach of the host team, John Avila and the rival player Edison Mejia.

In the 86th minute Ávila arrived with just enough to save a ball from the side and in a very strange reaction the coach jumped up and raised his left leg.

The karate kick hit the soccer player right in the lower abdomen, who fell to the ground and rolled over, complaining of severe pain in that delicate area.

The situation impacted Chacaritas’ own substitute bench and some of his players went straight to help the rival footballer, while the medical team arrived.

The unusual thing is that, regardless of the reason for the coach’s kick, the referee was not even close to expelling him, since he considered that it was casual.

The video went viral due to the strange situation and also due to the comments of the Ecuadorian rapporteurs, who laughed, instead of being alarmed, expressing: “What a nice kick!”

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