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Urs Meier: Referees lack body knowledge

Urs Meier
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Sees gaps in the knowledge of the referees: ex-referee Urs Meier. © Soeren Stache/dpa

In the debate about the interpretation of the handball rules, former world-class referee Urs Meier sees gaps in the knowledge of the referees.

Berlin – “There is a lack of physical knowledge in football. There is an urgent need for training courses in which referees gain physical experience,” Meier told the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung”. Many judges don’t know what the body naturally does. “You should go into a slide tackle or head duel yourself and get filmed to see how your arms are doing. All of a sudden they had this aha effect, ”explained the Swiss.

Jochen Drees, head of the video assistant project at the German Football Association, had recently rejected duel training for referees and referred to the possible risk of injury. Meier called it “just nonsense”. The 63-year-old demanded that referees play football. “With such experiences, you know what your arms are doing when someone jumps, when someone makes a rotational movement,” Meier said.

He also suggested that the referees should exchange ideas with former football professionals. “Such knowledge would help a lot, but this exchange is not really sought after,” said Meier. dpa

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