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Riot Games job openings “delivered” possibility

Photo: Playback/VALORANT
🇧🇷 Photo: Playback/VALORANTPhoto: Playback/VALORANT

It’s nothing new how much the community is clamoring for a version of VALORANT for consoles and apparently Riot Games is already moving to make the dream come true.

THE Riot Games, developer of the game, had two job openings posted on one of the main platforms specializing in job openings in eSports and games, Hitmaker.

The demand that raises the possibility is for a senior level professional to fill the vacancy of game designer and also a Game Design Manager. In the job description, Riot Games talks about “help bring console gaming products to market.”

Riot is also involved in other projects, such as Project L, which will be a fighting game with characters from League of Legends (LoL), which could also be a possibility.

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