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Forward will join Real Betis in the middle of the year; negotiation, already established, had Tricolor with speculated values ​​to receive higher

Luiz Henrique will go to Real Betis-ESP in the middle of the year
© Lucas Merçon/FluminenseLuiz Henrique will go to Real Betis-ESP in the middle of the year

the negotiation of Luiz Henriqueon the part of Fluminense next to Real Betis-ESP, is already consecrated. With the pre-sale agreement made, Tricolor Carioca will have the young striker only until the middle of the year, since in July the player will go to Spain to participate in the pre-season of the European team.

However, trading the young talent from Xerém, seen as quite profitable at first, will yield less money than previously thought. After Fluminense’s official disclosure about the amount to be received, it was immediately confirmed that Tricolor pocket almost R$ 5 million less than projected.

Previously, the transfer value disclosed by the press was 9 million euros (R$ 47.2 million, at the current price). However, Fluminense announced that will receive 8 million euros (R$ 42.4 million, at the current price). In addition to this amount, the Carioca Club can receive an additional amount for goals that Luiz Henrique beats at Betis, which can reach almost 5 million euros.

Cria de xerém, Luiz Henrique debuted in the Fluminense professional team on August 12, 2020, in a 1-1 draw with Palmeiras, at Maracanã, for the Brazilian Championship, replacing Nenê in the 30th minute of the 2nd half. Since then, there have been 104 matches, 67 as a starter, with 10 goals and 11 assists.

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