Nikolai Valuev

Earlier, Jeff Monson announced that he would renounce American citizenship and open sports schools in Ufa, Krasnogorsk and Donetsk. Nikolai Valuev praised Monson for popularizing mixed martial arts in the country

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Nikolai Valuev

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Jeff Monson, who wants to open sports schools in Russia, is an example for the younger generation. Nikolai Valuev, former WBA heavyweight world champion (2005–2007, 2009) and State Duma deputy of the VI and VII convocations, announced this to RBC Sport.

“All Monson’s plans are in Russia, he has a wife here, he associates himself with his new homeland. Jeff is great, he popularizes mixed martial arts, to which he has always been committed. Such people serve as an example for young guys. This is a normal historical process, when a person who has achieved something does not refuse it, but rather conducts social activities, this is commendable, ”said Valuev.

Jeff Monson announces plans to renounce US citizenship

Jeff Monson

Earlier, Jeff Monson said that he would refuse an American passport, because he considers himself Russian. The MMA fighter noted that he wants to open sports schools in Ufa, Krasnogorsk and Donetsk.

In May 2018, the American received Russian citizenship, and later became a deputy of the Council of the Krasnogorsk urban district of the Moscow region from the United Russia party.

On account of the 51-year-old Monson in MMA 60 wins, 26 losses and 1 draw.

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