Valverde does 'an Isco'

Carlo Ancelotti begins his fourth season at the helm of the real Madrid with a team that fulfills him, a template reinforced with Tchouamni and Rdiger and from which they have come Isco, Marcelo and Jovicthree completely residual players last season.

The European and League champion starts with a change of drawing that already appeared in the final stretch of last season. The growth of Faith Valverde made Carlo Ancelotti change something that for months seemed non-negotiable, the 4-3-3, at least that scheme with a pure attacking player on the right wing. The Uruguayan is not a winger, he is a round-trip midfielder who strengthened the white midfield, better than Carvajal by making the winger always feel more protected and his value in attack was not less than that of Rodrygo or Asensio. In fact, from his power and verticality was born the play in Saint-Denis that ended with the goal of Vinicius and the Fourteenth in Cibeles.

Not many players manage to get a team to change their drawing because they insist on breaking down the door. In Madrid he did it Isco in 2017, when Zidane left behind Bale and the BBC, which was untouchable, before the push of an unleashed player who joined the Bermuda Triangle so that the 4-3-3 vary to a drawing with four midfielders.

Valverde thinks about the Super Cup: “You play for Madrid to win titles”

Ancelotti Today he is a veteran coach, a seasoned coach whose decisions are based on lived experiences. Among them, there is one of which Carletto He learned a lot in his early days on the bench. It was the day he said no to Robert Baggio for not changing his game scheme. “We were able to sign him for Parma. We played 4-4-2. I spoke to him and he told me he wanted to play as a midfielder, so the system had to be changed because he already had two strikers. I told him no; if they ask me today, say Baggio and we change the system. I went to Juve, with the idea of ​​4-4-2… and I found myself Zidane. So I learned to adapt to the players”, he told Ancelotti a Jorge Valdano.

The passage of time made him see that that was a bad decision and that you play from the players you have more than from a preconceived scheme. Ancelotti He has proven to be a coach who is not limited to a game record. He spelled it out last winter when he accused the Madrid to be a team that played against. “I like to have different registers of the game, that we are capable of interpreting very different game situations well”.

Debut in the Super Cup

With Faith Valverde Madrid expands game records and variants. Last season, the Uruguayan started as a starter, although behind that decision was the absence of Kroos for injury The change of the team system was not on the table, but until the end of the season there was not really a scenario to face it. Because Valverde was injured in October at the Camp Nou and he entered a phase in which it was difficult for him to have the energy he had before.

When he did it, it was to add a lot to the incredible path of the Champions League comebacks. In Paris, where it was very clear that either Madrid played at a different pace and with more legs or there was nothing to do, he only played the final eight minutes in a game in which Mbapp destroyed a Carvajal who never had help. From then on, Valverde only missed eight minutes of the Champions League: four in London in the 1-3 win over Chelsea and the last four in the final.

In all that way, Ancelotti I mixed ideas, but Valverde was always in the team. When Casemiro was missing, Kroos was the pivot and the falcon made from the German; when the CMK was complete, he joined the team in the position he had previously been Rodrygo or Asensio.

The 2022-23 season launches for the real Madrid next Wednesday with the Super Cup Europe. I will, unless unforeseen, with Valverde in the starting eleven play in that position that reinforces the midfield and at the same time strikes as if it were a winger. It will be the debut of the Uruguayan in this competition. In 2018, before the Atletico Madrid in Tallinn, he was a substitute. That August 15, with 27 on the shirt, he was a substitute and it was assumed that he was going to find a destination before the market closed. In the end he stayed. When Lopetegui left Madrid in October, there was a lot of talk about Vinicius, but what really stuck in the Basque’s mind was if he shouldn’t have told Valverde and his energy. All he gave him was 36 minutes against the Victoria Plzen days before the 5-1 at the Camp Nou, the one that sentenced Julen. Solari arrivedand Valverde undertook a flight that today is imperial.

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