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Vehicular restriction

The vehicle restriction in the capital continues. Check below which cars are restricted this Wednesday June 15th.

Vehicle restriction for this Wednesday June 15
© Agency OneVehicle restriction for this Wednesday June 15

Product of water scarcity in the Metropolitan region and its low temperatures have generated a poor air quality which led us to have an Environmental Pre-emergency last Saturday, June 11, so the measures to reduce polluting gases continue with the Vehicle Restriction.

Among the restrictions environmental preemergence is found the Prohibition of the use of wood-burning heaters for residential usethe Ministry of Education can suggest reduce the intensity of physical education classes and intensifies the inspection of washing and vacuuming of the streets in the capital.

Is vehicular restriction applies to the entire interior perimeter of the Amerigo Vespucci Ring for the cars without a green seal and for catalytic vehicles enrolled until September 2011 and failure to abide by the restriction could be subject to fines that vary between $50 thousand up to 86 thousand pesos.

What cars are restricted this Wednesday, June 15?

  • Any vehicle without a green seal whose license plate ends in: 8-9-0-1.
  • Any catalytic vehicle whose patent ends in: 4-5.

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