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Vehicular restriction

Until August 31 there will be vehicle restriction in Santiagothen review what happens if you do not comply with this measure and what the penalties are.

What happens if I do not respect the vehicle restriction and what are the fines?
© Agency OneWhat happens if I do not respect the vehicle restriction and what are the fines?

Since the beginning of May, the vehicle restriction has been in force for non-catalytic cars (without green seal) and those that are catalytic but who were registered before September 2011.

This measure prohibits these vehicles from traveling on certain days of the week are defined by the number with which their license plate ends.

restriction apply for the Américo Vespucio ring inside the capital from Monday to Friday (except holidays) between 7:30 a.m. and 9:00 p.m., and will be valid until August 31.

The only vehicles that remain free despite fulfilling the conditions of this measure are those of health, public transport, law enforcement and security forces, firefighters, school transport and municipal services.

Why is the vehicle restriction applied?

This measure is applied mainly in winter with the aim of reduce the levels of pollution emitted by older vehiclesin addition to reducing vehicular congestion.

In fact, today, Friday, an environmental pre-emergency was announced in the Metropolitan Region, which shows that air quality has gotten much worse in recent days.

The pre-emergency also increases the number of vehicles that have vehicle restrictions every day, therefore it is important that you check at the Ministry of Transportation by entering HERE the days that your car is restricted and if it is your turn today.

What happens if I do not respect the vehicle restriction?

If a driver is stopped driving on a day that has a vehicle restriction, he will be fined an amount that varies between 1 UTM and 1.5 UTM, which today it would be between 57 thousand and 86 thousand Chilean pesos.

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