The cost of vehicular verification in the Mexican entity

Know all the details in the following note. Appointed as one of the official procedures that require necessity in the country, below we will show you everything you need to know about the vehicle verification in Mexico City (CDMX). In the following note, learn how to apply and what is the calendar established by the Secretary of the Environment (Sedema) according to the color of the rubber coating and license plate.

For those who carried out the vehicular verification in the indicated time, but suffered the loss or deterioration of their decal (sticker) that was delivered, you have the opportunity to request any type of replacement from the Government of Mexico City.

What cars must carry out the vehicular verification in May?

Motorists who carry the red sticker, as well as license plates ending in 3 and 4, will be verified in the month of March-April, however, with the update to the Sedema calendar, the deadline was extended until May 15.

Motorists with blue stickers, as well as license plates ending in 9 and 0, are verified in the month of May-June, so they still have enough days to carry out the process and their deadline is until July 15.

Edomex 2022 verification cost

The cost of vehicle verification in the Mexican entity is as follows:

  • Hologram “00″: 896 pesos
  • Hologram “0″: 448 pesos
  • Holograms “1 and 2″: 358 pesos
  • Fine for extemporaneous verification: One thousand 792 pesos

The user requested and paid the cost of a certificate type Zero “0″, One “1″ or Two “2″ and as a result of the verification test the vehicle obtained a certificate type “Technical Rejection” or “PIREC Rejection”, the CVEC will not reimburse the payment of the requested proof, since the vehicle covers with the second attempt (only odd attempts 1, 3, 5 and other odd ones are paid) to pass the test at no cost.

The cost of vehicular verification in the Mexican entity

Vehicles that verify in Mexico City

If your vehicle has plates from Mexico City and its termination is 1 or 2 with green gumming, as well as plate termination 9 or 0 with blue gumming, you will have to verify in this month of May.

This is the complete verification schedule for the first semester:

  • Yellow gummed / plate finish 5 and 6 / January February.
  • Pink gummed / plate finish 7 and 8 / February-March.
  • Red gummed / plate finish 3 and 4 / March-April.
  • Green gumming / finishing of plates 1 and 2 / April-May.
  • Blue gummed / finishing plates 9 and 0 / May-June.


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