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Verstappen wins in Canada without pit radio – “At least there was no complaining”

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Of: Stephen Schmid


With the end of the safety car phase, Max Verstappen’s radio link to the team failed. Despite one-way street radio, he can save the lead to the finish.

Montreal – The team of red bull was already wondering why after the restart as a result of the safety car phase Max Verstappen was unusually silent. Finally, the team realized that the radio link in the driver’s direction was working, but that his reactions could not be transmitted in reverse. Nevertheless, the Dutchman was able to win in Canada in an exciting final phase.

Max Verstappen – forced to silence

Even for Verstappen himself, the failure of the pit radio could not be clearly localized. “I guess it must have worked before, or it didn’t work before, which probably wouldn’t have bothered you,” he said the Dutchman. “So there was at least no complaining,” said Red Bull boss Helmut Marko after the Canadian GP sky with a wink.

Those responsible in the Red Bull racing team will certainly have been disturbed, as a functioning team radio is a prerequisite for tactical discussions within the team. However, since Verstappen is well known for not playing the calmest tone over the radio, the winner at least shows some self-irony.

Only shortly before – after the second pit stop – did Red Bull racing engineer Gianpiero Lambiase feel Verstappen’s undiplomatic streak. After the pit crew had actually done a good job, they almost collided with me when leaving the pit lane Lewis Hamilton. “Why the hell didn’t you make sure that I ended up in the lead?” Verstappen accused the engineer. Lambiase – already used to similar failures from his driver – replied calmly that they had simply been too slow.

Verstappen also wins with one-way street radio

Shortly after the incident with Hamilton, Yuki Tsunoda crashed and the subsequent safety car phase, the main competitors Carlos Sainz used to on his Ferrari to have new tires fitted. But even after the restart, Verstappen was able to fend off the ever-closer Sainz and bring victory across the finish line in just a few tenths of a second. In the end there was a win for Red Bull – currently first in the constructors’ championship – and Verstappen and a crew whose ears should be a little more relaxed than after a race with permanent Verstappen sound. (sh)

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