Verviers: 7 years in prison for attempted murder

A 42-year-old resident of Aywaille was found guilty on Friday by the Verviers criminal court of attempted murder of his wife. The facts took place on November 24, 2019 in Sourbrodt, on the territory of the municipality of Waimes. That day, the man went to the home of his wife, from whom he was separated, and struck her three times with a screwdriver. “It had been a month since I had seen my children. My wife went to pick up her mother at the airport and I saw them at the bus stop in Verviers. I wanted to go for a walk for a few hours with my children. She refused to leave them for me so I went to wait for them at her home”explained the defendant who admitted having drunk several beers while waiting for their arrival.

“The victim’s mother indicates that when they arrived at the house, the defendant, who was armed with two screwdrivers, ran over her daughter and hit her on the neck. The mother then intervened and received a punched in the face. The man then stuck the screwdriver in his wife’s mouth and gave her a third blow in the side. All this in front of the couple’s two children.”, detailed the public prosecutor who considered that it was an assassination attempt. He was asking for 10 years in prison.

The man was also prosecuted for threats and harassment against the one who is now his ex-wife. For these facts, the public prosecutor requested two additional years in prison. The court was more lenient and sentenced the 40-year-old to 7 years in prison.

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