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Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel has been using Formula 1 as a platform for some time to draw attention to grievances. © Hasan Bratic/Avensimages/LPS via ZUMA Press Wire/dpa

After his T-shirt campaign in the Montréal paddock, Sebastian Vettel also wants to use his helmet to draw attention to environmental sins in North America at the Canadian Grand Prix.

Montréal – What is happening in Alberta is a crime, Vettel said at the press conference for the Formula 1 Grand Prix. “It’s a horror for nature. Something like that shouldn’t be allowed,” emphasized the soon to be 35-year-old four-time world champion, who has also been using the Formula 1 forum for some time to campaign for human rights and environmental issues.

On Thursday he biked to the track wearing a T-shirt with the inscription “Stop tar sand mining – Canada’s climate crime”. According to Greenpeace, the extraction of oil from the clay and sand mixture differs massively from the conventional extraction of crude oil. The oil sand layer is therefore about 30 meters deep. To get there, Canada’s primeval forests have been cleared and the topsoil removed. Only then can the mixture of sand, clay and above all the tar-like oil be lifted out of the ground.

“Many people in Canada, in the world know nothing about it,” emphasized Vettel: “It’s about thinking about future generations.” dpa

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