Video: he savagely injured his rival in a rugby match and a serious sanction is expected

This Saturday afternoon Matreros faced Pueyrredon in a match for the tenth date of the First division of the URBAN, the second category of the Buenos Aires Rugby Union. It was a triumph for Tigre by 38 to 36, but the attention was drawn to a particular action that has nothing to do with the good values ​​of rugby.

It is known that it is a sport with physical friction, friction and a lot of muscle. But the intention of harm a person on purpose It is a line that must not be crossed.

The match was played on the Matreros field, a club that has its premises in Castelar, west of Buenos Aires. The local arrived at the match with 23 points, occupying the sixth place. While the visit was third in the table with 32 units.

When the 22 minutes of the second half were being played, with the West team leading the score by 36 to 24. Tomás Sánchez, who in the video wears the red and white jersey number 20, received the icing on the cake and faced. A strong and corpulent player who was in charge of gaining meters.

But on the way the pillar crossed the center of Pueyrredón, John Marsano, who with a strong and iron mark got the tackle. They both struggled and fell to the ground. So far, a normal action of this sport. Nothing special…

However, the player from Matreros took it to another level. After cleaning up the play, the ball and the referee’s eyes went the other way. But he was left with his torso on the lower part of his rival. There, he grabbed her leg and began to make a lever by turning it in an unnatural way. A clear action to harm the health of his opponent.

As I finish all? With John Marsano leaving the field of play with a serious injury: one is feared torn ligament and may not be able to continue playing rugby. The player had screamed in pain and that was seen in the images. For this reason, the resolution of the referee Nicolás Cotic and his assistant not to sanction the aggressor at that time is strange.

After the fact, the player from Matreros was surprised by his rivals who gathered around him to reproach him for his actions. Marsano’s screams were evident. Something had happened. But the captain of the Castelar team slipped between his teammates to go unnoticed before the eyes of the judges. No one had seen anything.

According to Rugby Champagne, judge Nicolás Cotic summoned the captains, Balbi, from Pueyrredón and the aggressor Tomás Sánchez, from Los Matreros, and told them: “The situation is as follows: they played the entire first half with good discipline, the second half is rougher, but so far with good discipline”.

And he continued: “Neither the assistant nor I have anything that can be seen here. If afterwards, after the game there is something to investigate, we are going to see it. What I need is for them to maintain the behavior of the first half, that is all I can do”.

How did the match end? Pueyrredón ended up winning the match 38-36 and continues as one of the cheerleaders of the second division championship. Nevertheless, all eyes were on the unusual action of the captain of Matreros.

Referee Cotic saw the video of the attack after the match and decided to expel the player, attaching a report to the URBA Disciplinary Commission. Sánchez’s statement and a decision by the organization follow.

It will be necessary to see what type of sanction is determined. Surely being a captain is an aggravating circumstance. Meanwhile, the club can make a parallel decision to clean up its image. In any case, the player’s reprehensible attitude has already been criticized in the environment. It is expected by the governing body of this sport a exemplary sanction.

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