Video: tremendous kick from Aude and expulsion after two minutes

Julian Aude He lasted less than three minutes on the pitch during the match against Sarmiento in Junin. the side of Lanus he was ejected correctly in one of the first plays of the match. Recklessly, he jumped forward with both feet when Guido Mainero tried to contest the ball. Merlos did not hesitate. Direct red.

The video of the red

Merlos’ decision this time did not admit the slightest discussion, beyond that Aude tried to justify himself when he saw the card.

Aude came from being sent off for a double yellow two games ago, in the fall against Gimnasia. Last date he fulfilled the suspension and he returned this Friday in Junín.

The Court summoned Lautaro Acosta

The AFA Disciplinary Court gave Lautaro Acosta, Lanús striker, five days to rectify his statements to the TyC Sports program Paso a Paso, in which he referred to the referees in a threatening tone and assured that his team was harmed by the referees.

Acosta complained after the game against Aldosivi, in which Garnet lost 1-0 at Fortaleza. In that match, referee Pablo Dóvalo did not give him a penalty for a foul he received in the second half. But the judge also failed to expel Diego Braghieri (he only received a yellow card), due to a very violent infraction by the garnet defender.

“It was seen 50 times in the VAR, I saw it on TV, and there was no way. It’s not the first time it’s happened to us. It’s already something that has been happening to us, Lamolina badly sent off one of our players in the last game. And Vigliano, the other day, a shame. So, I put up with it, I’m a crybaby, I’m an egg-breaker… I put up with it a bit, but when they’re sticking their fingers up your ass and they’re hurting you a lot. .. First I doubt, then I say ‘they are bad for everyone’. Not now. Now I tell you that something is happening. I suspect a lot. Then, they suspend me, 25 dates they wanted to give me, they gave me eight. Something is going to happen. Did you see what happened the other day with Patronato? Something is going to happen, they are always wrong with the same things, they always harm the same and favor the others. If they don’t start to get their act together with Lanús, we have to start to react, we have to start talking. Because I’m the crazy guy, he sucks an egg out of me. I’m going to continue being the crazy guy but don’t harm us any more because the situation is going to shit. This is a serious club”, the attacker had said.

In December of last year, Lautaro Acosta was given eight suspension dates for attacking referee Darío Herrera. Although later, for the start of 2022, there was a general amnesty by which all the sanctions were lowered by half, in a decision that was considered absurd by the Court.

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