So far, the World Cup fever has not come to Germany.
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Of: Korbinian Kothny

Germany is not yet in World Cup fever. The opening game between Ecuador and Qatar saw only 6.21 million euros on ZDF. A historically bad value.

Munich – Despite the ongoing protests from all over the world, the time has come. the World Cup 2022 in Qatar got its start on Sunday. host Qatar suffered a 2-0 defeat against Ecuador in their opening game. However, enthusiasm for the World Cup in Germany is still limited. This shows the rating of the World Cup opening game.

World Cup 2022
November 20 – December 18
Eight Stadiums
64 games

Ratings for the opening game of the World Cup are historically poor

On average, 6.21 million viewers on ZDF followed the host’s defeat at the start. More than ten million people watched the opening game between Russia and Saudi Arabia at the 2018 World Cup. The market share was also significantly higher back then.

So far, the World Cup fever has not come to Germany. © IMAGO/Mike Egerton

This was 28.2 percent on Sunday, in 2018 the market share was 52 percent, although the World Cup kicked off on Thursday. In general, the opening of the World Cup in Qatar compares poorly to previous World Cup finals. At the 2006 home World Cup, 20.06 million people watched the opening game against Costa Rica.

Spectators prefer to watch Tatort as the opening game

At least 8.68 million viewers turned on the television at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. A similar dream rate as in 2006 was also at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The opening game against Croatia was watched by 15.87 million people, even though the game didn’t kick off until 10 p.m.CET.

Even the Tatort “Katz und Maus” achieved a higher rating than the opening game on Sunday with 9.25 million viewers. The “Dream Ship” on ZDF was only narrowly beaten with 6.14 million prospects.

Germany not yet in World Cup fever

The 8 p.m. game also had to be played on Monday USA vs Wales narrowly beaten on ZDF by the ARD program “Donna Leon – Auf Treu und Faith”. While 4.35 million viewers watched the World Cup game, 4.41 million people preferred to watch the ARD program. (kk)

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