Vincent Kompany is looking forward to this Red Devil at the World Cup: "He has the potential for the absolute top"

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Vincent Kompany is an attentive spectator during this World Cup. He has some of his Burnley players in Qatar, but the former captain of the Belgium national team also looks closely at the Red Devils and one player in particular.

Michael Van Damme

“As a player you absolutely want to be there at a World Cup, but once you’re there, you realize it’s a double-edged sword. If you perform well, then you get hyped, but if it’s disappointing, careers can be broken. You have to get rid of those negative thoughts and focus on the possibilities that such a tournament offers”, Kompany began in his well-known philosophical style.

Romelu Lukaku has not traveled well, but is being prepared to be important further in the tournament. Kompany knows that situation from the 2018 World Cup, where he missed the group stage and only took action from the second round.

“I didn’t play in the group stage then because I injured my hamstrings in a friendly match in preparation for the World Cup. Going in injured looks odd during the group stage, but once you get further into the tournament you need players who can make a difference and help win matches. Even if Lukaku can only play in one game against those bigger sides, his presence makes sense. I understand the decision. Match winners are everything in this competition.”

Kompany reveals which Red Devil he is most looking forward to. “There are always players you have known and seen and there is one young player who broke through at Anderlecht under me. His name is Zeno Debast and I will feel some pride if he gets his first minutes at this World Cup. He is eighteen years old, extremely talented and has the potential to reach the very top. Those are the stories I look forward to.”

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