Vincent Van Quickenborne: "We should be a little more daring when there are threats from FIFA"

At the microphone of Martin Buxant, the Minister of Justice and Deputy Prime Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne (Open VLD) evoked several topical issues.

The Flemish liberal first spoke about the World Cup in Qatar, and in particular about the refusal of seven European selections, including the Red Devils, to wear a “One Love” armband in support of the LGBTQ+ community. “I see that when we play a match, our football players take a knee in the fight against racism, which is a bold actbegins the Minister of Justice. But now as soon as there are threats from FIFA, I think we should be a little more daring.“Vincent Van Quickenborne calls in particular on European teams to unite in order to oppose the threats of FIFA.

The Minister of Justice also addressed the recent tensions between the MR and the Open VLD, crystallized by the “subtilization” of Alexia Bertrand, ex-MR, by the Open VLD. For Vincent Van Quickenborne, relations between liberals are good, but as in every family, “there can sometimes be tensions and disagreements.” He recalls that on Monday, the two party presidents wrote a joint statement, in order to turn the page. The Vice-Premier swept aside the criticisms of Georges-Louis Bouchez, ensuring that he wanted to look “forward” and not dwell on the controversies. He also repeated all the good things about Alexia Bertrand, assuring that she had “convinced everyone around the table with her full knowledge of the file” during the Open VLD party office on Monday evening.

Regarding the death of a police officer in Schaerbeek, which moved a lot, Vincent Van Quickenborne recalls that no serious fault was committed, according to the first reports. This does not prevent the improvement of procedures in the future, particularly in terms of the exchange of information between the security services and the medical world.

Finally, the Minister of Justice addressed the issue of the fight against drug trafficking. “It is not because we legalize cannabis that we will solve the problem of violence in Antwerphe estimated. It has nothing to do with that. Violence in Antwerp is cocaine. These are two completely separate files.

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