Vincius: "I want to win five or six Champions with Madrid"

Vinicius It is one of the main focuses on which the cameras and the spotlights will be fixed next Wednesday in the Olympic of Helsinki. His goal in Paris is what makes Madrid opt for the European Super Cup against Eintracht. His name is already among the players who have decided Champions League finals and UEFA wanted to know how the carioca faces the appointment of the champions.

The Super Cup:

“It is very important to try to win as many games as possible, especially if you want to win in competitions as important as the Super Cup. We will do everything possible to achieve the first piece of jewelery that appears in the season”.

Madrid mentality:

“It’s right in the DNA of this club and this shirt: always going out for the big games, players who know how to deal with those days. That was the key last season. Some games were emotional rollercoasters where everything seemed to go as planned. we want”

Favorite moment:

The match against City at the Bernabu. In two minutes Rodrygo came in and scored two goals that took us to the final. The most important moment of the competition, I think, was that.”

The Champions:

“It was a very important moment for us, for me, for the whole team. After a great season, we had to end it with a victory in the final. I always say that I have about 15 years left in my career and I don’t know when my next career will be.” That’s why I had to enjoy it to the fullest. Scoring the winning goal was a unique feeling. There’s not much to say, to write, to talk about what it feels like. Only the people who have lived it, who have lived football as we experienced it last season, knows how important it is and how happy it makes you”.


“He knew how to get the best out of us. He’s very kind and treats us like his children. He gives us peace of mind and confidence. And then there’s his great job preparing for the matches.”

Goal by Vincius Jr. (0-1) in Liverpool 0-1 Real Madrid


“I admire the players who have achieved so much at this club, the biggest in the world. Of course, I want to keep winning here and play for a long time to win as much as them. Win five or six Champions Leagues and be as influential as some of the best players who have worn the Madrid shirt”.


“I’ve been a Flamengo fan since I was little. I went to Maracan recently and when the fans saw that I was there, they began to sing my name. That was very important to me because my heart belongs to the club that allowed me to be in Madrid now.” “.

The world of fashion:

“I like the NBA and I always see how the players arrive at the games. I am also a fan of Lewis Hamilton. Alaba]and Camavinga share this passion. Camavinga walked the catwalk in the last Balenciaga catwalk”.

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