Vini can't fail that...

ANDhe real Madrid I bet you Valverde instead of Rodrygo and Nacho the injured Alaba enters. The others are as expected. Vibrant first half, with City dominating in the first section but the Whites reacted afterwards. Casemiro returns that it was low in the first leg and Madrid did not notice it.


Bernardo Silva’s point-blank shot. And another good clearance shot by Gabriel Jess. The goalkeeper is key to the danger of the City forward. The best of the Belgian is going to be needed.


He’s had a lot of work with Foden. Later with Gabriel Jess. At first he has had enough to endure City’s dominance. but little by little he has been arriving in attack with Valverde. He has been growing with the party.


He has not been comfortable in the first half and has already given City a gift in a loss. Better in the second part.


He has also suffered in the exit of the ball. He is once again a starter at home like against PSG and Chelsea. He is also multiplying and is going a bit to the limit before the arrivals and mobility of the rival.


Madrid also needs its best version given the speed of the City players. He nearly had his wallet stolen under pressure. Mahrez hasn’t demanded of him but he hasn’t gone too far with the Frenchman either.


The yellow has already been played with De Bruyne. And another with Foden. He suffered in the first half but he balanced the midfield duel in the second half.


He also does not appear to recover the ball for now. He doesn’t even provide the clarity that he has for a clean exit from the ball because they don’t let him. The German must also give more but it costs him in these games. He has once again been the first change.


He had a clear shot after Vini played but he missed control. He has been coming into play and Madrid is improving. He has taken the yellow for his heat with Laporte. It is already known that Madrid’s options go through the Croatian.


They won’t let him run at the moment. He has taken over the position and his energy will be essential. He can play upstairs and as a fourth midfielder because of his withdrawal.


The one that failed just after starting the second part. I just had to push her on the first counter. What a duel he is having with Walker who has a very bad time with him. He also had one in the first half but he sent his shot into the clouds. A nightmare for City. Tireless.


He has had it! Comfortable header that has sent high. She had another difficult shot from Valverde’s pass. It was a clear scoring situation. However, not much has come into play and Madrid has noticed it. .


Bet on the expected eleven. At the moment he is being overtaken once again by City’s approach.


He has entered for Kroos in search of the goal that equalizes the tie.

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