Volley Noorderkempen player Bas Van Deun with the smash.

Volley Noorderkempen player Bas Van Deun with the smash. © mpics

Volley Noorderkempen took a 1-3 win at Heist-Herenthout in national 3, immediately good for the seventh victory in a row for the leader. But Tom Lemmens and co. struggled more than the score suggested to hold off a fiercely biting home side and take the win.

“Once again proof that a score doesn’t say everything”, said captain Tom Lemmens. “Playing in Herenthout is always difficult. Saturday was no different. We know the players of Herenthout quite well and knew that it was no walk in the park would become. Those guys know the game through and through and they are only at the bottom of the standings due to too many injuries. This is a team that can run at the top of the league once they have their full squad. We do take the three points here and remain undefeated leader, but it was not easy. We made it difficult for ourselves at the end of the first set, letting them come into the game. Fortunately, we were able to get that set just in time, because otherwise it could have been a different story.”

Volley Noorderkempen then went down in set two and it was difficult to hold off the home team afterwards. “We had to fight until the end and were able to push through at the right moments in sets three and four. We certainly didn’t play our best game, but that was also their merit,” says Lemmens, who does not want to look too far ahead. “Winning is and remains fun. That’s what you do it for, but the season is still long. Every team plays with a knife between their teeth and, just like Herenthout, wants to give us a first defeat today.”

Hans Vermeerbergen, trainer-coach of the home team, agreed with the defeat and he mainly looked further ahead. “I am satisfied with what my team has brought today. We’ve had our share of injuries in recent weeks, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Drop by drop, a number of strongholds return. This week we were able to train with twelve players for the first time in weeks. The difference with the previous match was immense. If we can continue on this path and be spared from new injuries, we will quickly get out of that lower region.” (mabe)

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