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The Argentine midfielder of Universidad de Chile, Walter Montillo, assures that they are very excited about what Lionel Messi’s team can do in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, although he also assures that he cannot be forced to be world champion.

Walter Montillo shared in the Argentine team with Lionel Messi
© GettyWalter Montillo shared in the Argentine team with Lionel Messi

With all the illusion they are in Argentina hours away from starting a new competition in the World Cup Qatar 2022which will be Lionel Messi’s last tournament, facing the Saudi Arabian team.

One who also lives it in a special way is the former midfielder of the University of Chile, Walter Montillowho ensures that everyone is expectant.

“We are excited about the football that Lionel Scaloni has shown with Argentina. Giovani Lo Celso is very dynamic. I think there is a very engaged team with a good structure,” Montillo highlights in conversation with DirecTV.

Of course, he calls for calm those who believe that it will be champions arriving and leaving, trying to take excessive pressure off Lionel Scaloni’s dressing room.

“Argentina, for having won the Copa América and the Finalísima, the players enter with another illusion. They know how to play with that pressure. They are not obliged to be world champions either,” he emphasizes in a controversial sentence.

In this sense, he assures that, despite the scare they have experienced in the previous one, they know that Lionel Messi will be available: “The ankle is noble, it does not prevent playing so much. Messi will not be prevented from playing the game against Arabia.”

“Playing in the middle of a season has its pros and cons. It is not prudent to have handed over the players a week ago,” he points out.

Your friend Neymar

Another who will also be playing their chances will be Brazil at the hands of Neymar, a player who has a very strong bond after playing together in Santos.

For the same reason, he also has good words for the Brazilian who has been under pressure for 20 years since the last title.

“Neymar is used to media pressure, Brazil is a serious candidate to win the title and it shows on the pitch,” he concluded.

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