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The former University of Chile midfielder puts Mauricio Larriera, who was Gerardo Pelusso’s assistant at the club, as the main candidate. He also criticizes the leadership of Azul Azul at the present time.

Montillo puts chips in the Uruguayan coach who in his last step was in Peñarol.
© agency oneMontillo puts chips in the Uruguayan coach who in his last step was in Peñarol.

A meeting of the Azul Azul board of directors is defined for Thursday, where the new coach of University of Chilewhom they are looking for with a magnifying glass in the transfer market.

While the sports director, Manuel Mayo, makes every effort to prevent names from leaking, the midfielder from Argentina Walter Montillo gives its candidate to assume the rowdy bench.

“If I were the Sports Director of the University of Chile, I would bring Mauricio Larriera. He has good management of young people, something that the U did not know how to exploit, “Montillo commented in a conversation with DirecTV.

The Argentine midfielder, a reference at the University of Chile, knows about the work of the coach, who was also Gerardo Pelusso’s assistant, where they reached the semifinals of the 2010 Copa Libertadores, with Montillo as a reference.

In this sense, the flyer analyzes the situation that the blues are experiencing, where it criticizes the leadership for its determinations.

“Economically, the U is bad. They have to have a box that works. If they take out two players, they don’t have another two with the same characteristics as Osorio and Assadi. This is the fault of the institution that is not prepared to sell these players,” he concludes.

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