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The former host of Central Fox spoke with RedGol and put the cold cloths for the unfortunate condoro of Paulo Díaz in River Plate. “He made a mistake like everyone else,” said the trans-Andean communicator.

Safarian comes out in defense of Paulo Díaz after his dark night with River Plate.
© Archive and Getty ImagesSafarian comes out in defense of Paulo Díaz after his dark night with River Plate.

In Argentina, the topic all day was the defeat of River Plate against Tigre, for the quarterfinals of the Professional League Cup on the other side of the mountain range. The elimination of Millo was conceived thanks to an unfortunate mistake by the Chilean Paul Diazwhich gave rise to Facundo Colidio’s goal for the final 1-2.

One who joins in support of the Chilean defender of River Plate is Walter Safarian, the former face of Fox Sports and an expert on Argentine and South American football.

“Much has been said about Paulo Díaz in these hours. Paulo Díaz made a mistake as any soccer player does: he lost a ball, from then on Colidio recovered it, won the position, left it on the road and defined. The issue is that from the ball lost by Paulo Díaz comes Tigre’s second goal, nothing more”, said Safarian in conversation with Paulo Flores and RedGol.

The former host of Central Fox added that “Paulo Díaz is not going to be a better or worse soccer player because of a mistake made. There shouldn’t be a footballer who didn’t make a mistake throughout his career, not to mention the goalkeepers”.

“He is a starter in Marcelo Gallardo’s team, the DT knows that he and David Martínez are the center-backs who will play the Cup games that are coming now and River accommodates that, to play the two remaining games of the group stage of Copa Libertadores and thinking about the round of 16, hopefully winning the group”, added the trans-Andean.

Safarian states that “you don’t have to go crazy, mistakes like Paulo Díaz’s have been made by all footballers. For some, the errors have turned out well because they did not end in a goal against, and others like Paulo Díaz’s end the goal. A clear example: in the 1990 World Cup René Higuita left the goal wanting to play and that exit allowed Roger Milla to keep the ball and sentence Colombia’s match against Cameroon. And nobody is going to question what Higuita was as a goalkeeper”.

Eliminated in the Argentine tournament, River Plate will have “free” this weekend to return to the field on Thursday, May 19 against Colo Colo for the Copa Libertadores in Buenos Aires.

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