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“We already brought six”: Marcelo Paz opens the game about new signings for Fortaleza in this window

Breno Siqueira


The team returns to the field this Sunday (7) for the duel against Internacional, at Arena Castelão, in search of reaction in the table

Photo: Reproduction/TV Leão - Marcelo Paz talks about reinforcements in the Fortaleza team
Photo: Reproduction/TV Leão – Marcelo Paz talks about reinforcements in the Fortaleza team

Since the reopening of the transfer market, Fortaleza has already brought six pieces to reinforce its squad this window. Names such as Brítez, Otero, Thiago Galhardo, Lucas Sasha and Fabrício Baiano reached the Pici’s tricolor for the sequence of the Brazilian Championship, not counting the permanence of the defensive midfielder Felipe, who remained in the Ceará team after not agreeing with the Arab team.

In an interview with “On Laion”, Fortaleza’s official app, President Marcelo Paz spoke about the team’s signings. According to the representative of Tricolor do Pici, the team is still looking for one or two more names for Juan Pablo Vojvoda’s team. According to Paz, the new reinforcements should arrive for the defense sector and also in the role of the team’s midfielder.

“We’ve already brought six. If you look inside Serie A, in this window, Fortaleza is most likely the team that has strengthened the most. But we can still bring one or two more pieces. I think it could be someone for the defense sector, it could be more of a defensive midfielder. Because two came out. So these are positions that we can bring. I say you can do it, because there’s no point in bringing it for the sake of bringing it”, said Marcelo Paz.

In the last five games, the Fortaleza team rehearsed a reaction in the leaderboard. Tricolor beat Cuiabá and Atlético Goianiense away from home and even drew against Santos and Palmeiras at Castelão, losing only to Red Bull Bragantino by 2 to 1. With that, the team left the lantern and reached 18th place, overtaking Youth and Atlético-GO.

In the next round, Leão receives Internacional on Sunday (7), at 6 pm, at Arena Castelão. The gaucho team is at the top of the table with the sixth place and comes from a 3-0 victory over Atlético Mineiro, in Beira-Rio. In the first round, Colorado won 2-1, a match that marked the farewell of midfielder Andrés D’Alessandro.

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