"We have to talk": "We must not take the people of the prison for finished cretins", denounces Anne Gruwet

This Thursday, Maxime Binet and his guests discussed several diverse and varied topics. In particular, they discussed the possible implementation of the points license in Belgium, as well as the youth problems of the brand new Haren prison and the still lively controversies over the World Cup in Qatar…

Investigating judge Anne Gruwez is a fierce opponent of the new Haren prison. For her, the building was poorly designed and does not meet the needs of prisoners: “The concept of Haren prison is dehumanizing, in my opinion and in the opinion of the prisoners. To my knowledge, no experts were consulted during the construction of the prison… neither the guards, nor the guards’ unions, nor even the prisoners”she said on the set of Maxime Binet.

She also wonders about the computer management of the prison and all the problems that this could generate: “When everything goes to computers, you shouldn’t complain that it bugs… You shouldn’t take the prison people for complete morons. If you give them a computer in their cell and since they have friends outside, for me there should be hacking”

If he understands the arguments of Anne Gruwez, for his part, Jean-Marc Ghéraille defends the new prison of Haren. According to him, it was built out of necessity due to prison overcrowding.

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