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Squadron midfielder said offenses are more than provocation

Photo: Felipe Oliveira / EC Bahia / Publicity
Photo: Felipe Oliveira / EC Bahia / Publicity

Last Tuesday (11), Bahia stamped its classification to the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil. By beating Azuriz, in Pato Branco-PR, the Squadron demonstrated a great power of reaction. However, a member of the Tricolor delegation opened a complaint about acts of xenophobia committed at Estádio O Pioneiros.

The indigestible fact bothered the entire delegation of the Club, who felt outraged, as well as the employee of Bahia who suffered the frontal attacks. In an interview with the Globosporte.com podcast, midfielder Daniel took a stand on the situation and revealed that when he scored during the penalty shootout, he went to the stands, facing the crowd. The player was outraged.

“It’s complicated to say, too unpleasant. I’m not from Bahia, but when it’s going to warm up, we hear those phrases: “The game is late, will you be able to play?”, “Baiano only sleeps”. These things only give more motivation to win and shut these people up. Many do not speak just to provoke. They say to belittle and poke in a pejorative way, to put you down, as if she were superior to you. We know that it has nothing to do with where a person lives, their color. We are happy that, when things like this happen in the match, we emerge victorious”, explained the player.

The Bahia official detailed the verbal abuse he suffered and pointed out that it all started as soon as the Tricolor bus arrived at the stadium. The member of the squadron delegation revealed that in addition to the xenophobic speeches coming from the stands, some ball boys also committed such an act. Bahia’s board regretted and repudiated the acts carried out against the tricolor delegation. The club also informed that it will consult the legal department on the matter.

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