"We only have one chance!" : Police sniper shoot gunman holding baby hostage (VIDEO)

US police recently released footage shot at Beaver Dam on the Utah-Arizona border a few weeks ago. This footage shows the moment a criminal, who was holding a baby hostage, was shot dead by a sniper, after a chase that started in Utah and ended in a desert north- western Arizona last February.

As officers attempted to negotiate with Oscar Alcantara, 30, the hostage taker, police snipers moved into position.

In audio on the video, officers can be heard stating that they can see a gun pointed at them. “The weapon is pointed straight at us! Gun pointed at us!”, an officer can be heard shouting.

“We only have one chance!” Can we hear from the mouth of one of the shooter’s colleagues, on the sequence above. Moments later, a police sniper fired.

The baby was miraculously uninjured. Oscar Alcantara, died following the one and only bullet that hit him.

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