Weather: A sunny weekend before the mercury climbs back towards 30 degrees

Sun and cloudy periods will share the sky on Saturday afternoon, except at the sea where it will shine widely, provides the Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM) in its midday bulletin. The thermometer will mark 19°C in Upper Belgium, 20 or 21°C on the Coast and up to 23°C elsewhere in a light to moderate wind. The sky will open up in the evening to reveal a few stars, with minima between 6°C in Upper Belgium and 12°C in the big cities. In some Ardennes valleys, temperatures may dip a few more degrees but will remain within positive values.

On Sunday, the mercury will begin a new ascent. The maxima will oscillate between 20 or 21°C in the Hautes Fagnes and at the sea, 25 or 26°C in the center and up to 27°C possibly in Gaume. The wind will be light to moderate at times. The Belgians will still benefit from a mild night, with lows of 9 to 14°C, or even less locally. A few clouds could foam like in a Magritte sky.

Monday will mark the start of a hot week, with 23°C on the heights of the Ardennes to 27°C in the center and even 28°C in Belgian Lorraine. On Tuesday, the mercury will climb to 30°C, while Wednesday will show up to 32°C. Thursday will gain another degree of maximum and the thermometer will panic on Friday at 35 ° C in many places, announces the MRI.

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