Werder Bremen against VfL Wolfsburg in the live ticker: Bundesliga start live.
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Of: Bjorn Knips

Werder Bremen against VfL Wolfsburg in the live ticker: Bundesliga start live. © gumzmedia

SV Werder Bremen in the live ticker against VfL Wolfsburg: All goals, news and information from the start of the Bundesliga – all live in the live ticker of the DeichStube.


Werder Bremen against VfL Wolfsburg in the live ticker: The kick-off in Wolfsburg is at 3.30 p.m live ticker starts here at around 2.30 p.m. with the starting line-ups of both teams. All goals, news and information from the Bundesliga opener – all here live in the DeichStube live ticker.

Werder Bremen against VfL Wolfsburg – the preliminary report:

Before Werder Bremen against VfL Wolfsburg: Coach Ole Werner is compared to Jupp Heynckes

Of the SV Werder Bremen starts on Saturday (from 3.30 p.m. in the live ticker) with an away game at VfL Wolfsburg into the new Bundesliga season. The preliminary report DeichStube!

When he was compared to Jupp Heynckes, the otherwise quick-witted man tried Ole Werner first to gain time. “Now I have to be careful what I say,” said the coach SV Werder Bremensmiled a bit embarrassed and then added appreciatively: “If that’s really the case: Well researched, hats off!” (from 3.30 p.m. in DeichStube-Liveticker) against the VfL Wolfsburg will be as old as Heynckes once was, and then asked: “Could such a career path also be something for you?”

Welcome to Bundesliga, comparisons with the big names in the industry are part of the daily routine. It is not so easy for newcomers to always find the right words and not to make unwanted headlines, which then cause a stir not only regionally but also nationwide. Yet Ole Werner could rely on his sober, factual approach. “You can’t make a comparison like that. Jupp Heynckes has shaped football for decades – as a player and as a coach. I’m still a long way from that.” He prefers to concentrate on “the best possible job for Werder Bremen to do and for my team to be there in order to then write your own success stories together – and at first those are different from the ones that Jupp Heynckes is known for”.

Werder Bremen coach Ole Werner before the game against VfL Wolfsburg: “We are definitely the outsiders”

By which Ole Werner also indirectly named the goal of the season – staying up in the league. But he didn’t dwell on this topic for long. As a climber, it is clear that the first thing to do is prevent relegation. But the question is how this is to be done. And there could be the start on Saturday at VfL Wolfsburg provide first answers. Unlike the cup game in Cottbus. The 2-1 victory at the regional league Werner had analyzed only briefly because Werder Bremen there as a favorite. “We’re definitely the outsiders this time,” said Ole Werner.

Of the VfL Wolfsburgin which the ex-Bremer Max Kruse also playsown one for them too Bundesliga “Extraordinary quality” in terms of individual class, but also the breadth of the squad. In addition, the handwriting of the new coach Niko Kovac is already clearly recognizable: a high, aggressive pressing in order to achieve dominance. With that, Kovac, like that Ole Werner, had great success in all his positions – with the Croatian national team, Eintracht Frankfurt, FC Bayern and AS Monaco. But with all due respect, Werner and his team have no intention of hiding when Werder returns to the Bundesliga in Wolfsburg. “We’re trying to bring as many of our strengths to the pitch as possible,” announced the coach. Werder Bremen wants to have the ball himself and control the game – like in the 2nd division.

Werder Bremen coach Ole Werner before the game against VfL Wolfsburg: “It’s about achieving the club’s goals”

It won’t be easy. Yet Ole Werner has prepared intensively for his rise and that of his club. “I’ve already explored what’s different in the league in one-on-one talks with experienced players.” It wasn’t just about sporting things, but also about the atmosphere. What happens in the environment, for example, when things don’t go well? Personally, however, Werner does not want to get to know this reality so quickly. Of course he is hoping for a positive start. And against this comparison with Jupp Heynckes he might not have had any objections: in 1979 he started his career as a 1-1 winner against FC Schalke 04 Bundesliga-Trainer started. For Werner that would certainly not be a bad result for a start at VfL Wolfsburg. But the 34-year-old simply doesn’t like this focus on himself: “It’s not about me, it’s just about achieving the goals of the club and the team. That’s what I work for.” (kni) Have you read it? This is how you see the Bundesliga game between Werder Bremen and VfL Wolfsburg live on TV and in the live stream!

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