"We're just making ourselves look ridiculous one more time" : this controversial blocking of Ecolo which does a disservice to Belgium

On November 9, several controversial decisions were taken by the Kern, the restricted council of ministers. The decision to send Foreign Minister Hadja Lahbib to Qatar to attend the Red Devils matches is causing much talk, especially on the side of the Ecolo party, but which the Greens end up accepting.

However, another decision taken during the council of ministers will be blocked by the environmentalist party.

“The same day, during the same Council of Ministers, another point, classified as a defense secret, is on the agenda and it is also proposed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Hadja Lahbib: it is a question of authorizing the export to Great Britain of materials for nuclear use intended for the British Defence”explains Martin Buxant.

This is an export license for machinery to be used in the maintenance of the British nuclear arsenal. But for Ecolo it is too much.

Martin Buxant, offended by this blockage, wonders how the Green Party could have taken this decision in such a context. “The Belgian government, while there is a war in Ukraine with Russia, blocks equipment intended for an army of a country allied to NATO, Great Britain, moreover the only army which holds the nuclear weapon in Europe, with France.

After this veto by the Ecolos, a minister reportedly declared: “Soon with this kind of decision, we won’t be able to sell anything to anyone. Belgium is shooting itself in the foot for pseudo-principles”.

This material intended for Great Britain is produced by a Flemish manufacturer, but in retaliation for the blockages or delays, the British have already hinted that they could cancel the purchases of military material… Walloon to the FN Herstal. A decision that would penalize Flanders and Wallonia.

It is therefore Flanders and Wallonia that would find themselves penalized if this blocking of the sale of nuclear equipment persists…

Contacted by Martin Buxant, Deputy Prime Minister Ecolo Georges Gilkinet did not provide an explanation.

“So, there’s really no doubt in the end: Belgium will finally give in and authorize this nuclear material which will be sold to the British. We’re just making ourselves look ridiculous. Once again, I’d be tempted to say” , concludes the editor of LN 24.

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