George Rubio

Ascent Championship

The left-handed “10” that Cobreloa has got rid of César Cortés, Felipe Espinoza and Fernando Piñero before taking off a very powerful shot that left Uruguayan Gastón Rodríguez with no chance of reaction, who was surprised and could not avoid Nico’s great goal.

Nicolás Maturana left a work of art vs.  Magallanes in the Zorros del Desierto stadium.
Nicolás Maturana left a work of art vs. Magallanes in the Zorros del Desierto stadium.

August 5, 2022. Foxes of the Desert Stadium. The clock marked 7 minutes of the first part. Cobreloa equalized goalless against Magellancomfortable leader of the Ascent Championship, in the match of the date. And that lasted until Nicholas Maturana he took the ball very close to the line that divides the court in two.

From there, the lefty of the oranges began his advance in demand of the goal defended by the Uruguayan Gaston Rodriguez. First left on the way to Cesar Corteswho did not make much effort to stop the career of the former player of the University of Chile and Colo Colo.

Then the Nico got rid of the southpaw Felipe Espinoza. Seconds later, he pulled another feint to leave the lanky Argentine defender in a bad way. Fernando Pinero. When he found a space, the native of Lampa took a left-footed shot that did not find the former goalkeeper of Deportes Valdivia well placed. And the ball stuck without the Uruguayan being able to avoid it.

As time went on in the first stage, Maturana showed that his confidence was very high. In fact, he tried to beat the goalkeeper of the Academy with a shot almost from the middle of the field, although he went wide. But, in any case, the “10” loíno left a pearl on the lawn of the Calameño redoubt on the 23rd date of the second national category.

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