A beer to beat the heat at the Fan Fest.  Photo: AFP

As the thermometer began to loosen a bit, a question arises here in Doha. You don’t see pichichos on the streets of the city. What happened?

On Saturday, November 19, 2022, one day before the opening of the World Cup that we came to see and tell, it will go down in the list of those unforgettable for me. An unprecedented milestone. It was the day that Lionel Messi It was first seen in Qatar, but most important of all, it was the first day of my short stay in Doha. completely free of perspiration. I had been having a hard time because, I must admit, it’s not too hard for me to get overheated. But there had already been a sign. In the morning I witnessed the abrasive press conference of Gianni Infantinopresident of FIFA, and his crusade against the “double standards” of the West. The thing was hot and I had come out unscathed.

It was, to be extremely honest, the first day since we arrived that the heat was bearable. I would even dare to say that it was a nice warmth. Will the fresh air have finally arrived to stay as promised by the Organizing Committee?

The weather was so pleasant – we had already noticed it while we were witnessing the training of the National Team at the University of Qatar – that with one of my coverage colleagues we went to dinner once the day closed, after midnight on Sunday, and we not only met we encourage eating on the sidewalk, but we even enjoyed the caress of an intense breeze that hours later became a strong wind.

It was another day with a lot of action for the fingers in front of the notebooks. A dog day. However, the expression is misused and should not be used to describe days full of problems. First, because the dogs are not to blame for anything -greetings to China-. And second, because the expression should be used exclusively for days of excessive heat, like all those that did in Doha until Saturday.

A beer to beat the heat at the Fan Fest. Photo: AFP

Where does the phrase a dog day come from? was used as expression by the ancient Greeks to speak of the annoyance that caused the abrasive heat that occurred since the disappearance in the sky of Sirius, the brightest star in the constellation of Canis Major and one of the closest to our planet. As it could not be observed, it was believed that it joined forces with the Sun and that together they were a powerful source of heat. It coincided with the hottest period of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, from July 15 to August 15. Y it is known as canícula. Although global warming has long broken everything.

Canis Major, like Canis Minor, are constellations that complement the constellation of Orion. Those who read the heavens, the first astronomers, placed them together because Orion, the great hunter of Greek mythology, had a dog that accompanied him everywhere. He accompanied him so much that they ended up together in the sky of the stars.

Others say that Canis Mayor is the stellar representation of lelapsthe dog that Zeusthe father of all gods, gave the princess Europe to serve as a guardian. This same dog (without ícula) went from Minos a procriswho in turn gave it to cephalus, and so it was passed from hand to hand. Nobody wanted it, it seems. I was lonelier than a bad dog…But in the end it ended up in the firmament.

Speaking of dogs, there is an interesting little theme that is perceived here in the streets of Doha. In reality, it is not perceived. no dogs seen. Bah, for the sake of precision: so far I have not seen dogs. Cats we saw a lot. But we didn’t see stray dogs or dogs on leashes.

Are there dogs in Doha? Or do they just not leave their homes?

The doubt grew because supermarkets sell dog food. That suggests that they exist. They are not going to sell something that nobody buys, obviously. It is as if they sold kryptonite in the gondolas. So that? If Superman doesn’t exist.

Of course, even if we don’t see them, the dogs are always there. And indeed they are. Asking you get to Rome and googling, damn highways, you get to Doha. In the capital of Qatar there is the Animal Welfare Society, where different pets claim to care for abandoned dogs in order to put them up for adoption. Will have to go see. It is not going to be that they are putting the dog in us.

Doha, Qatar. Special delivery.

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