AJ Brodeur scores for Kangaroos Mechelen.

AJ Brodeur scores for Kangaroos Mechelen. © GOYVAERTS/GMAX AGENCY

What a reaction from Kangaroos Mechelen! The Maneblussers won the second game of the semi-finals of the play-offs after a collective demonstration and immediately wiped out the home loss. The plates are in balance again, Kangaroos Mechelen once again has the home advantage and the mental advantage.

Patrick ceulemans

As beautiful as the demonstration of the Mechelen was, so weak were the performances of Leuven and Sportoase. After all, the lighting went out several times in the final quarter.

“This is great, but it is still only 1-1,” said coach Kristof Michiels. “We should not float. We have to confirm on Saturday in our own Winketkaai.”

A well-stocked Sportoase was ready to shout Leuven to a 2-0, but that was outside. Kangaroos Mechelen counted. The selection of coach Kristof Michiels came very sharply on the throw. From a tight defense, the Mechelen waltzed over Leuven: 10-30 after the first quarter.

“Leuven did react in the second quarter, but we remained concentrated and kept the overview”, Michiels analyzed. “A remonte of the people of Leuven was therefore not possible.” At 20-40 the twenty-something was already a fact and Domien Loubry and co steamed on to 26-44 halfway. In the first two quarters, no fewer than eight Kangaroos scored who also dropped six out of thirteen bombs.

Anyone who thought Leuven would come out of the dressing room sharp after the break was disappointed. No speed, ball losses and a shabby finish. The work of the tight Mechelen defence. The American AJ Brodeur and Mattias Palinckx were very strong in the paint and at 34-64 the thirty-something was a fact.

After four minutes in the final quarter, the lights went out not only at Leuven, but also in the Sportoase. In the end, the match was completely finished with lighting at half power. Coach Kristof Michiels allowed the full selection of playing time and was especially able to key players when Domien give Loubry and Myles extra rest. Important in view of Saturday’s game. If Kangaroos Mechelen also wins, a historic first title final will come very close.

LEUVEN: Willems 4, Heath 4, Allen 10, Boxus -, Cebasek 8, Vanderhaegen 0, McGlynn 4, Young 6, Stimant 0, T. Nunes Santos Cruz 4.

KANGAROO MECHELEN: Stephens 13, Loubry 5, Gysbrechts 3, Van Buggenhout 5, Kotrulja 0, Mennes 2, Alston 8, Foerts 9, Palinkcx 23, Waleson 6, De Clercq 0, Kotrulja 0.

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