A fan laments.

The Scaloni Selection depends on itself if it wins both games. Why could it happen if you get two points but not with four. All possibilities. Look.

still hard to digest loss to Saudi Arabia in the debut of Qatar 2022. But the Selection has revenge. And also, the intact chances of reaching the round of 16, beyond the fact that this unexpected defeat has generated pressure from the start for what is to come in Group C.

Argentina will play on Saturday at 4:00 p.m. against Mexico and the following Wednesday at the same time against Poland. The first thing to say is that today the Scaloneta depends on itself: if he wins the two pending games he will qualifyfirst or second, regardless of what happens in the other two games.

A fan laments.
Lionel Messi laments (Fernando de la Orden).

Lionel Messi laments (Fernando de la Orden).

If one wins and another draws, they could also have the chance to get into second position in the group. But if he loses either of them, he will return early. That is why he is obliged to add in the clash against Mexico.

Here, the chances

1) If Argentina beats Mexico and Poland It will reach six points: it can be first if Arabia loses one of its two matches. This is not a detail because the first one will avoid the winner of the French group, undoubtedly a candidate to win the World Cup.

two) If you win one game and tie anotherwill finish with four points and then it will depend on what happens in the other two games.

2-A) If they equalize with Mexico and then beat Poland: they can serve for the goal difference. In that case, she may even finish first, because all four teams could finish with the same number of units.

2-B) If they beat Mexico and then tie with Poland. It ranks first with four points on goal difference if Poland and Saudi Arabia tie on the second round and then Mexico defeats Saudi Arabia. Second is classified if Poland equals with Saudi Arabia and on the last date Saudi Arabia equals with Mexico.

3) If she wins one and loses another match, with any order, she will be eliminated. The unusual thing is that if they tie the two games, there will be a possibility: that Saudi defeat both Poland and Mexico and then it would be defined by the goal difference.

Remember: in Russia 2018 the team led by Jorge Sampaoli went to the round of 16 with four points, but that same harvest did not help Marcelo Bielsa’s team in Korea/Japan 2002, a tournament in which the team said goodbye in the first round, postponed for England and Sweden.

The general average of the first in the last six world championships is 7.38. And of the seconds, 5.

World to World

Average points of the first of the zones

France 1998: 7

Korea Japan 2002: 7.25

Germany 2006: 8

South Africa 2010: 6.75

Brazil 2014: 8

Russia 2018: 7.25

Average points of the second in the groups in the last World Cups

France 1998: 5.13

Korea Japan 2002: 4.5

Germany 2006: 5.38

South Africa 2010: 4.75

Brazil 2014: 5.13

Russia 2018: 5.13

Emiliano Martínez complains to Saudi Arabia (Fernando de la Orden).

Emiliano Martínez complains to Saudi Arabia (Fernando de la Orden).

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