What does the word “Redmi” mean that appears on the back of Xiaomi cell phones

Many netizens still believe that “Redmi” is another cell phone brand regardless of Xiaomi, however, the truth is that it is a sub-brand belonging to the aforementioned Chinese company; the same happens with “Galaxy”, which is owned by the South Korean company Samsung, it has a wide range of models such as the Galaxy “S”, “A”, “J”, etc. For this opportunity, From Mag we will explain what the word “Redmi” means. Take note.

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Xiaomi It has won over its audience by offering mobile devices with good features and at a good price, one of the best on the market. The “Redmi” models are the most popular of the company, for example you have the Xiaomi Redmi 9i, 11 Pro Plus, Note 11 Pro and many more. Did you know that the word “Redmi” is not only a name for the sub-brand? It has a very deep meaning and is made up of two words.

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According to the information disseminated by the technology portal it was learned that everything started in 2013, when Xiaomi launched a phone that they named “Hongmi”, the same one that was sold in different parts of the world as “red rice”, red rice in Spanish.

This model was a bestseller, and because in China the color red has a very important meaning because it represents good luck or a good harvest, likewise, others speculate that it also attracts wealth and drives away bad omens. For this reason, Xiaomi decided to add the word “Network” to its new sub-brand.

The directors of Xiaomi They felt that something else was missing to complete the new sub-brand that they were about to launch, therefore, they added the word “Mi”, which means “Mijo”, a type of very nutritious cereal that is usually consumed on the Asian continent. Finally, they decided to put them together and thus “Redmi” was created.

How to know if my Xiaomi cell phone supports fast charging

  • First, deactivate your Xiaomi cell phone.
  • Now, go to “Settings” > “About phone”.
  • Click on “All specifications”.
  • In that section you must enter “Status”.
  • In “Battery status” you can see if your cell phone supports fast charging or not.
  • To do this you must connect your device to the socket.
  • If you only see “Charging”, that means your Xiaomi device does not have fast charging.
  • On the other hand, if you see “Fast charging” it means that it has fast charging technology.

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