What happened in the end?  After 12 years, The Walking Dead ends with deaths and an emotional return

The world of the walking dead closed this Sunday its longest history on TV and now streaming. The original AMC series ended with season 11 episode 24 called “May he rest in peace”.

After 12 years of transmission continues and the coming and going of dozens of characters, the story had its expected end but also the appearance of future stories.

Review, commentary and explanation of the end of TWD

Attention! There are spoilers for the latest chapter of The Walking Dead below. If you still don’t see it and don’t want to find out, don’t keep reading.

It is no secret that with the passing of the seasons, TWD was losing prominence and fans around the world. Although it is one of the longest TV series of the genre, the last ones did not reap good results to the point of going directly to streaming.

The first episodes and especially the seasons that followed reached historic milestones at the beginning, for the same reason the fall was stronger when it lost viewers.

The departure of some protagonists such as Rick Grames (Andrew Lincoln), Michonne (Danai Gurira) or the discussed death of others like Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs); was weighing in the history of the series that transferred the prominence to the character of Daryl (Norman Reedus), Carol (Melissa McBride) and Maggie’s (Lauren Cohan)who was also away from the series for a few years.

For the same reason, after the decision that season 11 was the last, a speed and a somewhat more insipid story were noted to close.

The last chapters had to advance as if the original plan were different, but forced to close a cycle and open that of other spin-offs.

What happened in the end?

Finally getting to the point, the last chapter tried to recall the best moments of the series with the walkers as the main rivals, although the deaths were not excessive. first with Jules and Luke dying at the hand of the zombies, and later in the most emotional moment of the episode, Rosita (Christian Serratos).

The group of survivors managed not only to prevail over the walkers, but to become leaders of the Commonwealth and imprison Pamelaalready totally unleashed in madness letting its citizens die.

With her in prison, the episode tried to wrap up the stories as well as possible and also show a happy ending for most people. Of course it also opened the path for the spin-offs that have been talked about so much and with the return of two beloved characters.

TWD ending explanation:

Without explaining much why, we saw the development of three stories that are coming in the future and will expand the universe of AMC’s walkers.

The first and most obvious is that of daryl, who without much justification takes the course of going to new places and leaving all his friends behind for a while. This aims the next series of the character of Norman Reedus call Daryl Dixonwhich will have the character in France doing his thing.

Series that is set for 2023 and is supposed to connect with other spin-offs, The Walking Dead Word Beyond.

Another story is that of negan and maggie. And it is that while the first does not have a defined future in the Community after having a deep conversation with the character of Lauren Cohan; she intends to continue structuring the future of the survivors.

Cohan and actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan to star in another spin-off dated for April 2023 in which both will have to survive in New York, a production called The Walking Dead: Dead City.

And what about the final cameo?

The great moment of the chapter was seeing again Rick Grimes and Michonne. As you know, Rick was believed dead but years ago he was taken by helicopter with Jadis. Here we can see that the ex-commissioner is possibly a prisonerwith someone in a helicopter telling Rick that he can’t leave and that “someone” doesn’t like him trying.

At the same time, Michonne continues on her journey to find Grimes and we see her on an armored horse leading a horde of walkers as she follows the clues to find her love and father of her child.

Although at first it was said that Andrew Lincoln would have a movie trilogy to find out what the hell happened to him all these years, the last report was that both he and Danai Gurira will star in a series in which it is hoped that they can finally meet and return to Judith.

Thus, and leaving some uncertainties plus other clarities about the next projects, The Walking Dead put an end to its period of success and also disappointment. With memorable villains and other storylines that lost the interest of its fans, in retrospect it is impossible to erase the success that the series was at the time and will be in the hearts of millions of fans.

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