What is Dipolcar?  Find out what happened and the complaint against its director Luis Lopresti

This morning the government spokeswoman, Camila Vallejo, delivered statements on the accusation against Luigi Loprestiwho is the director of the Carabineros Police Intelligence Directorate (DIPOLCAR).

At the press conference on the alleged sabotage to the government of President Gabriel BoricVallejos declared: “What corresponds to us as a Government in the face of any type of complaint of these characteristics, or press releases or reports of these characteristics, is to request all the corresponding reports. And that is what we are doing.”

The authority also announced that the Ministry of the Interior will request reports from the institution to clear up doubts about the complaint, since in its words “If true, it is very serious.”

After the accusation, Carabineros General Marcelo Araya described the complaint as “serious” and stated that, on the instructions of Director General Ricardo Yáñez, Dipolcar was ordered to hand over all the records available to the Public Ministry.

Next, we tell you what Dipolcar is and what happened to the complaint issued against its director.

What is Dipolcar?

The Police Intelligence Directorate It is a Carabineros institution that is in charge of things such as:

  • Prepare tactical analyzes and appraisals of scenarios for special events.
  • Develop an appreciation of a police nature on the national panorama in the areas of public order, labor, social and educational, pointing out its probable immediate evolution.
  • Prepare security studies related to the personnel and facilities of the institution, embassies and public services.

  • Provide security services to important people and protection to certain people in compliance with the mandates issued by the Courts of Justice.

What happened to the complaint against Luigi Lopresti?

According to information published by the Interferencia media outlet, a police official assured that what Lopresti intended was increase the perception of ungovernability by Gabriel Boric and for this his tactic was to deliver partial police intelligence reports to the Ministry of the Interiorthe suspension of secret surveillance of the homes of the president and minister Sichesamong other strategies.

According to the investigation, one of the director’s controversial sayings was that “Boric will make our institution disappear” Y “our political and moral enemy won”.

After this, the Socialist Party (PS) requested an investigation against the authorityfor the accusation of implementing a “silent strategy” to “undermine” the current government.

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