What pride: Kimberly García won the gold medal at the Río Maior International Tour

Athletes from different disciplines give us more than one joy in important competitions; and, on this occasion, Kimberly Garcia raised the name of Peru in Europe. The national athlete managed to win the gold medal in the Rio Maior International Tour, held in Portugal, in the 20km walk test.

Kimberly Garcia who won the bronze medal at the World Race Walking Championships in Oman, in the 20-kilometre race, gave new joy to the nation. The Peruvian athlete obtained a final time of 1:32:42.

Second place was achieved by Ana Cabecinha. The Portuguese athlete finished with a time of 1:33:20, more than half a minute than García. The bronze went to Ines Henriques -2017 50 km world champion- in 1:34:18.

Speaking to the press, Kimberly Garcia He was happy, but wanting to continue competing: “Our tour of Europe is not over yet, competitions like this raise our sporting level. Gold medal now in the 20km test in the Rio Maior International Tour”.

It should be noted that in the test in Portugal, the Peruvian César Rodríguez participated in the men’s walk and placed fourth. Ecuadorian Brian Pintado, in turn, took first place with 1:21:54.

What’s next on Kimberly Garcia’s agenda?

Kimberly will continue to compete this month. The Peruvian athlete will be part of the national team that will compete from Friday May 20 to Sunday May 22 at the Ibero-American Athletics Championship. The championship will be organized in La Nucía, Spain and will have its 19th edition in which more than 500 athletes from 24 countries will be present.


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