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Instead of the QR code, the user will be able to type only one password every time he opens the messenger on the computer

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Working more and more on the security of its users, the Whatsapp is developing a novelty for those who are used to using the messenger on web version and desktop🇧🇷 According to WABetaInfoa site specializing in social network information, the service prepares a Lockscreen against unauthorized access.

The functionality already exists for smartphones android and iOS🇧🇷 Thanks to the feature, users have an extra layer of security, allowing them to use a password to prevent unauthorized access to their conversations. However, the version for computers still did not allow the option.

With this feature, which should be released very soon, it will be necessary to enter a password every time you open WhatsApp web or desktop, making it easier for the user to no longer need to use the QR code to connect to the computer🇧🇷 So, even if you log out of your computer, someone else will not be able to see your messages unless you enter the password again.

With the use of the QR code, the service also keeps your session active, even with the browser closed, however, if a person reopens the social network page on their computer, all their conversations will appear for that person. It is worth remembering that the option to put a password to open the Whatsapp in the web or desktop version it will only be optional.

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