WhatsApp: what does the emoji of the hand with two fingers mean

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WhatsApp It continues to be one of the applications with the highest number of active users. In each conversation, not only texts are shared, but also fun emojis are added. Do you know what the hand with two fingers up is? Here we tell you.

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What does the emoji of the hand with two fingers mean in WhatsApp?

  • In order to know its meaning we must resort to emojipedia.
  • The web is in charge of explaining all the WhatsApp emojis.
  • According to the portal, the emoji of the hand with two fingers is also called “Victory hand” in English.
  • Likewise, two fingers held on one hand making a V sign.
  • The reverse of this symbol is considered an offensive gesture in British culture.
  • It can also mean “Love and peace.”
  • Some have even compared that this gesture resembles a rabbit.
  • Victory Hand it was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

These are the emoticons that your contacts could misinterpret

  • Emoji of the like or thumb up: many use it to indicate that they like something or agree with someone, however, on certain occasions it turns out to be rude, provocative or aggressive. “It has great vibrations to shut your mouth. The thumbs up emoji communicates that you don’t know how to communicate and you think you know everything”, expressed the therapist in sentimental relationships, Jeff Guenther, for the medium minute one.
  • dizzy face: The specialist assures that this icon expresses that you are upset, insecure, constipated and even in a drunken state, since its real meaning says that you should use it when you are in love or satisfied. Imagine that you send it in your work group without any type of text, your colleagues and bosses will think that you are going to work drunk.
  • angel emoji: users usually share it to express that they are religious or charming, but Guenther points out that sometimes they are perceived to show insecurity or a way of not wanting to take responsibility for your actions.

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