Reniec staff delivers the DNI nationwide (Photo: Reniec)

Have you already renewed ID? You must bear in mind that the expiration date of the last extension given by the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (Reniec) to be able to get the document is approaching. Do you know when the deadline expires?

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The DNI is the only personal identity card in Peru that is used for all civil, commercial, administrative, judicial acts and, in general, for all those cases in which, by legal mandate, it must be presented, including the right to vote. of each citizen.

The use of the DNI is mandatory for all citizens, according to articles 26 and 27 of Law No. 26497, which is the Reniec Organic Law, and it is renewed every eight years. If you already have to renew, pay attention to the deadlines and how the procedure should be. Do you know what the limitations are if your DNI is not valid?


The (Reniec) has given a deadline Until June 30th so that millions of people can renew their DNI. Currently, according to the identity, more than 3 million 700 thousand eligible voters have expired ID, which could affect the performance of procedures and even the right to vote in the Regional and Municipal Elections of October 2022.

Reniec staff delivers the DNI nationwide (Photo: Reniec)


If you do not renew your National Identity Document (DNI) you will have impediments to carry out procedures in state and private entities. As of July 1, you will not be able to carry out procedures in banks that require a valid DNI, such as withdrawals at the window, request loans, receive remittances or government bonds.

You will also not be able to make a copy of cards or renew expired cards, for example. You will also not be able to carry out procedures in the municipalities, sign contracts, as well as process your wedding or divorce. Procedures in notaries and in the Judiciary will also be affected.


To renew your DNI you can do the face-to-face and virtual procedure.



  • Blue ID: S/ 30.00 (code 02121)
  • DNIe: S/ 41.00 (code 00521)

Make the payment at the branches of Banco de la NaciĆ³n, BCP or through . In some Reniec offices you can pay only by POS.


  • It is taken at the Reniec agency, where they capture live and it is free.
  • If your procedure is face-to-face, in case an agency does not have a live capture, a photo is taken. It must be passport size (non-porous, without a frame, facing forward, without glasses, in color with a white background, without retouching, without smiling, with the face and ears uncovered and without clothing on the head, except religious).
  • You can take a screenshot with the BioFacial DNI for cell phones with the iOS operating system

Virtual procedure

  • To carry out this procedure online, you must have the DNI Biofacial application installed, which is operative for both Android and IOS and can be downloaded to your cell phone. It is used to validate the identity of the person who wishes to carry out the virtual procedure and to take your photo. for the new ID. Lugo can proceed with the virtual procedure on the Reniec website, from a PC.
  • Identify yourself in the DNI Biofacial application and enter the service page and click on the Terms and conditions button. Read and accept them so you can continue.
  • Sign in to
  • Register your personal data and click on the validate button.
  • Enter the payment receipt number.
  • The system will verify the APP data with the entered data. It is important that the information you register is the same as your ID.
  • Choose which office you want to pick up your new DNI at.

Note: You will receive a report of the registration of your procedure in your email and you will be able to verify its progress through Reniec’s Online Consultations. When the status of the process is 100%, you can approach the selected agency without having to make an appointment.

Face-to-face procedure

  • Make the payment of the procedure (some Reniec registry offices have a POS system for payment).

Request the renewal of your DNI

  • Go to a Reniec registry office or to one of the MAC Lima Norte, MAC Lima Este, MAC Callao, MAC Ventanilla and MAC Piura centers (blue DNI only), in the latter cases by appointment.
  • Present your payment voucher for the right to renew your DNI and your passport-size photo. In some venues they take the photo.
  • After submitting your documents, you will receive a certificate to collect your DNI on the date indicated. If you want to track your request, check the status of your process.

Pick up your document

  • Go to the office where you carried out the procedure on the date indicated with the certificate and request delivery of your DNI.

Note: The collection of the DNI is personal. If you cannot do it, ask for the power of attorney format, sign it and put your fingerprint on it so that your representative can pick it up for you. In the case of the DNI-e, the pick-up is only personal.


Although the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status () extended the validity of expired DNIs until June 30 of this year, the expired document can be used for trips within the country, indicates Lima Airport Partners (LAP). In the case of trips abroad, you must take into account that the document must be valid, that is, it must not have expired, indicates Migration.

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