Valentina Alfaro


The Argentine singer will review her greatest musical successes.


10 years of launch from the Violetta series and his interpreter Tini knows it. Its protagonist in commemoration mode will perform a musical show with the actor and singer Jorge Blanco and the actresses and singers Cande Molfese and Mechi Lambre. Check when to stream it.

When does Violetta’s musical special premiere?

Latin America the special Only love and a thousand songs, a musical show will be broadcast on the Disney + streaming platform on December 8, 2022.

What will Violetta’s musical special be like?

The music show will take place at the Astor Piazzolla Theater in Buenos Aires with Blanco, Molfese and Lambre, the co-stars of Violetta, to share the stage with their fans in an intimate concert that will be unforgettable, all with the aim of paying a beautiful tribute to the celebrated history of the Disney Channel.

Directed by Diego Peskins, the same director behind Tini’s video clips in recent years and the person responsible for creating a sound mixed by Andrés Mayo World renowned sound engineer, producer and winner of two Grammy Awards. With Dolby Atmos technology, making Solo amor y mil canciones the first musical production of Disney+ Latin America, which will be available in immersive sound and achieving an exquisite experience. in premium sounds.

On the other hand, her musical show will have the art direction and choreography of Marina Ahumada, another close collaborator of the artist in her videos and live shows.

The Violet series It was released on May 14, 2012.At the time it was presented on television, the series became one of the favorites of audiences in the region and, throughout its three seasons, it became a true cultural phenomenon loved by international audiences.

Such a phenomenon was Violetta that her television production extended to four studio albums and one live, three feature films and two international tours.

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