When Russian soldiers are attacked by... Russian soldiers (VIDEO)

For the past few days, a surprising video has been making the rounds on social networks. In this footage, which was filmed near the city of Kherson, in eastern Ukraine, we see a group of Russian soldiers being shot at by… other Russians.

In fact, the first group of soldiers to start throwing grenades at a boat sailing on the Dnieper. As nothing happens, the Russian soldier asks his companion to shoot at the motorbike they have in sight. It is then that they are in turn shot. Very quickly, they try to make the other soldiers understand that it is “friendly fire”, but nothing helps, their compatriots continue to shoot.

A lack of preparation?

“Stop, we are also Russians”, shout the men present on the boat. In a panic, they try to hide and continue to shout “friendly fire” (note: the fact of being hit by the shots coming from their own side or their allies), but in vain since one of the soldiers will finally be hit and injured. He can even be heard moaning in pain in the video.

On social networks, the images have caused a strong reaction from Internet users who wonder about the level of preparation of Russian soldiers. “The best army of clowns,” one Twitter user commented below said video.

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