When the sky of a Chinese city turns blood red (PHOTOS)

How to explain this strange color that covered part of the sky over the port city of Zhoushan, China?

In a few seconds, on the night of Saturday May 7, the sky was coated with this unusual color. What provoke the questioning of onlookers, who drew smartphones and cameras to film the phenomenon. Fire ? Missile attack? Or something even less explainable, like aliens? The local meteorological office quickly put an end to the wildest hypotheses. As reported by our colleagues from GlobalTimesit is to the reverberation of the water and the diffusion of the light of the fishing boats that we owe this red blanket in the sky. “When weather conditions are good, water in the atmosphere forms aerosols that refract and scatter light from fishing boats and create the red sky seen by the public”specifies the meteorological office.

The phenomenon was only observed in the port city of Zhonshan and nowhere else in the region.

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