Review the image and decide which animal you would like to adopt.  Thus, you will know the results of the personality test.  |  Photo: namastest

Among the five animals that we show you in the image of this personality testWhich of them would you adopt as a pet and why? Take a few seconds to think well and choose the new member of your family, since each one of them carries with them a meaning that can determine your emotional state. We remind you that there is no single correct answer, so you just have to let yourself be carried away by your intuition and surprise yourself.

To do this you have to answer the question that is posed at the beginning of the test and it is the following: What animal would you adopt? Your decision will lean towards one depending on your personality and even your mood. Thus, you will discover exactly the results of this personality test.

A test is a process, adjusted to certain general rules, to which a person is subjected by another using certain material, in this case images where you can perceive figures captured by your brain, to measure or diagnose certain characteristics and for a certain purpose.

Image of the personality test

Review the image and decide which animal you would like to adopt. Thus, you will know the results of the personality test. | Photo: namastest

Test results


Your stress is caused by boredom and routine. The tiger is an animal that uses a lot of energy, and subconsciously, you would like to do the same. You feel bored because your life seems so empty and without something exciting. Find a hobby, start studying something new, or enter another field. They will make your life more interesting!


Work is the main source of your stress. Dogs are known to be man’s most loyal pets and man’s best friends. You are a very loyal and very responsible person, who is ready to work until completely exhausted. Sometimes you tend to work too much and the result is that you get stressed. You must learn to enjoy what you do, but also to relax and unwind. You can’t work all the time!


His stress is mainly caused by darkness. You choose the hamster, who runs on his wheel without really knowing where he is running. You are very anxious about little things and that stresses you too much. Spend more time with people who make you feel comfortable. It allows you to distract yourself from your daily routine.


Overwork and confusion are the main causes of your stress. You usually feel tired, so stop doing the work. When there are many tasks lined up, you become tense, confused, and stressed as a result. Set small goals that you will surely meet. It will help you plan the routine.


More often, their stress is caused by a sense of having limits. You choose the bird because it symbolizes freedom. You would like to flutter in your desires and not feel limits. If there is something that infringes on your boredom, you feel stressed. Try to find a creative hobby, one that makes you feel more relieved!

What is a personality test?

The According to analysts, they are an experimental instrument whose objective is to measure or evaluate a specific psychological characteristic. That is why they have become very popular on social networks because, depending on the type (questionnaires, projective and attitudinal) it will define various traits that you may not have known about yourself and what you think about things.

Throughout our lives, we accumulate experiences that shape our way of being, our personality or our character to face certain day-to-day experiences. Within them, there are the traumatic experiences that accumulate in our subconscious and that flourish when we are faced with certain stimuli.

Origin of personality tests

According to Wikipedia, the first personality tests were developed in 1920 and were intended to facilitate the personnel selection process, particularly in the armed forces. Now, in these times, many users from different parts of the world are interested in knowing more about their way of being, which is what these tests are usually used for.

What is the purpose of personality tests?

The personality test measures factors such as motivations, temperamental traits, emotional stability, social interaction capacity and other elements that can describe your behaviors. As we indicated above, through images you can let yourself be carried away by your intuition to guide you as you are.

But in any case, our recommendation is that you can always go to a psychologist and solve all your doubts. There are only these professionals who can observe the patient in action and select, administer and interpret psychological tests to diagnose disorders and use various techniques in order to improve the adaptation of the individual.

Where can you find more similar exercises?

It is always good to resort to pioneering websites with this type of content. In this case, Depor was the first media outlet in the country to start publishing personality tests and related texts of different levels of difficulty and with the purpose of entertaining our audience.

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