Who did Al Pacino choose to be his successor in the Heat prequel?

Al Pacino remains, despite the years, one of the Hollywood’s top traditional actors. However, little by little they have emerged new artists that have been earning their space in the film industry.

At 82 years old, Al Pacino is still more relevant than ever. In fact, among his latest productions is House of Gucci, American Traitor: The Trial of Axis Sally, The Irishman and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Despite this, many of his followers have wondered who could be his successor in future productions, when the actor can no longer continue working in the industry.

Recently, the artist appeared at the Tribeca Festival and there he took the opportunity to answer this great question.

Who did Al Pacino choose to be his successor on Heat?

In the framework of 4K projection of Heata film that in Spanish has the title Fire against fire which follows a thief and a detective, who in the middle of a confrontation understand how much they need each other, that Al Pacino referred to who could replace him.

Director Michael Mann will soon publish the novel Heat 2, which will work as a prequel. Pacino along with his partner Robert De Niro spoke on a panel to carry out this story.

At first, A.l Pacino stated that the idea of ​​thinking of an understudy for his role was something “strange”, so he asked the public for suggestions. The audience was in favor of Harry Styles, however, he thought of another actor.

Is about Timothee Chalamet whom Pacino described as “someone wonderful”. Chalamet has a career full of hits like Interstellar, Call Me by Your Name, Lady Bird, Beautiful Boy, Little Women, The French Dispatch, Dune and Don’t Look Up, among others.

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