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Formerly known as ‘Holland’, the country is now called the Netherlands and here at Redgol we tell you why.

Why is it called the Netherlands and not the Netherlands?
© Getty ImagesWhy is it called the Netherlands and not the Netherlands?

After the beginning of an edition of the Soccer World Cup in Qatar 2022 There are several teams that will seek to be the only world champion, however, one of them is about Netherlandswhich we remember before was called ‘Holland’.

Why is it called the Netherlands and not the Netherlands?

It should be ruled out that since 2020 they officially put aside the name of Holland and officially became Netherlands. The purpose of the change was due to renew the tourist projection of the nation and attract more tourists to visit the whole country and not just what is known as ‘Amsterdam’.

Notably Amsterdam is recognized for its freedom in the marijuana use in certain authorized cafes, or, by going too much to the ‘Red Light District’.

Therefore, all communications, brands, embassies, ministries, universities and other entities were notified to use the name of Netherlands.

The Netherlands did not represent all its provinces

Holland was a term that did not represent the entire nationthat is, within ‘Holland’ they are found as Amsterdam and Rotterdam (South and North Holland), however, it only refers to these two provinces out of a total of 12.

Therefore, in order to unite the entire nation and prevent tourists from only focusing on these two provinces, the term of Netherlands it will seek that all its provinces achieve the same attention and visits in the country.

Netherlands in the World Cup in Qatar 2022

Netherlands is currently disputing group A against other countries such as Ecuador, Senegal and the host of this edition, Qatar.

Notably The Netherlands share the top places in the group with Ecuador adding its first 3 points corresponding to the first date and tomorrow, Friday, November 25, it will have to face Ecuador for the second date, and in turn could finalize his pass to the round of 16 in case of beating the South American team.

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